Tuesday, March 31, 2009

about the blog and me - First Post

The heading had a limit of 500 characters and so the full background here :)

About the Blog:

This is an independent blog by on the world of online analytics/web analytics - concepts, techniques, tools, ideas, practitioner interviews and answering user questions.

About the Web Analytics Blog Nuggets Organization

This blog will be organized around the following labels:

  • theory made simple: will talk about concepts, metrics and terminologies
  • tools: will talk about the features and usage of the web analytics packages in the market - both tag based (like Omniture SiteCatalyst, Google Analytics, Yahoo analytics) as well as server log based (Visual Sciences/Omniture Discover OnPremise)
  • Ideas: Will be about thoughts/frameworks/prototypes that can deliver 'real wins'
  • Practitioner corner: Will be about interviews with practitioners of web analytics
  • User: where we will take up and analyze problems faced in by readers of the blog in their web analytics ventures
This blog is a medium to share learnings and learn new things

About Me:

I'm a practicing web analytics consultant at a large US e-tailer/computer maker with hands-on experience in almost all buckets of web analytics - testing and behavioral targeting, business analysis of e-tailing sites, search marketing, support site improvements, visitor segmentation, pathing analytics and data mining.

I have a proven record of converting web analytics insights into dollars ($$):


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