Friday, May 1, 2009

Business metrics for Tracking a non e-commerce site -

I have tracked a non e-commerce business site before but that was tracking a site that had learning content - the objective being to eventually drive the visitor who comes to learn about the site to make a purchase.

In such a non e-commerce case key metrics should be:

1. Repeat Metrics: % of Repeat visits
2. Duration Metrics: Visit Duration/Page Duration
3. Engagement Metrics: Number of clicks
4. Drive to purchase metrics: %age of visitors that end up purchasing on the site
5. Abandonment Metrics: Bounce,Leakage

Some nuggets from experience
* Look for 5-abandonment metrics. It is the most important metric. If the bounce is high for a non e-commerce site, then probably no point in advertising to get traffic in there - IMPROVE THE CONTENT
* Engagement metrics: Number of clicks, visit/page view duration are equally important - Less engagement means that the site is not doing its job
* Also look at the metrics by individual page for the top 10 % of the pages. You might find a few lemons there
* If your site is really good, over a period of time, the natural traffic should increase to it -(word of mouth at work :) )

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