Sunday, January 3, 2010

Test & Target

Having used Test & Target (an Omniture product) for over a year on atleast 50+ tests, I must say that there is a good market for a better tool :)

What Test & Target does well?

* Normal Beta Testing - sending traffic randomly to 2 or more recipes in the same proportion
* Gathering metrics like Revenue, Orders, Average Order Value, Order Conversion and publishing it real time, including confidence
* Ability to stop the test if results are not in sync

What Test & Target does not do well?
* Detailed Drilldown of a test - Answers as to why one recipe won over another
* Metrics wrt to visitor segments

More often than not, Test & Target forces the business users (i.e. us) to resort to additional tools to get the "answers" ending up being a "plain reporting" tool. One has to use SiteCatalyst & Discover (other Omniture suite products) or Insight (old Visual Sciences) or resort to a database driven process to get the answers

These problems can be solved if Test & Target tool allows the users to view results of certain pre-defined workflows - and in my opinion this is not much.
Some pre-defined workflows in an e-commerce environment can be:
* Which product caused the difference? Product Mix
* Business Segment Issues -> This is specific to organizations. E.g: Book Shopper vs. Electronics Shopper
* Visitor Profile -> 1st vs. repeat
* Marcom Mix/Traffic Source
* Path Taken/Visitor Segment

There is certainly a good market for such a tool - and with so many brilliant CS programmers out there - it would be a great summer project that can rake in money!!
A market definitely exists

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  1. Hello Kiran,

    I think many if not all of your concerns can be addressed using T&T's profiling and segmentation.

    I'd be happy to spend some time to show you exactly what I mean. Just let me know.


    Brian Hawkins