Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Site Tagging based Web Analytics tools

Another category of WA tools rely on site tagging.

(1) they create an account for you on their server
e.g: Google Analytics, Yahoo Analytics

(2) You decide on the pages you want tracking metrics. Typically you will do so for your entire website.
Then tracking code is added to the pages that you want tracked.
E.g: The ever so familiar javascript tags that are added when Omniture is implemented
Remember .js :)
The WA tool may make use of cookies on your machine that already existed or create new ones

(3) Each time a visit/click happens on your website the .js code gets executed, contacts the WA server and sends this information.
So over a period of time, the server builds a repository of information that mirrors the server log file. The server may dynamically insert it in a minable format into the data mart residing at the WA server

(4) the WA tool lets you login on their server with the account you created first and view a set of reports for your website.
Each time you ask for a report, they are querying their data mart

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